If a Death Has Just Occurred

What to do

  • Call us - (337) 332-2111 - Arnaudville, Breaux Bridge, Cecilia, Henderson & St. Martinville.

  • Call us - (337) 365-3331 - New Iberia

  • Whether the death occurs locally, anywhere in the United States, or worldwide, our staff is trained to handle all of the arrangements.

  • We have licensed funeral directors available, ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Making arrangements for a funeral service usually occurs at our funeral home, where an individual or family members work with one of our licensed funeral directors to decide which options and services best fit the family's needs.

As part of the arrangement process, we will need to collect information about the deceased in order to complete the death certificate and other required documents. This process can be quite time-consuming.

By completing the form below and forwarding it to us by e-mail, our funeral director will be able to expedite the final arrangement conference at the funeral home. The funeral director will also have a better understanding of your wishes prior to your arrival, making the arrangement process less stressful and increasing the level of service to you and your family.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.
Personal Information of Deceased
Surviving Relatives and City of Residence
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Items to bring to the arrangement conference:
  • Photo for Newspaper, Website, Prayer Cards, etc...

  • Clothing (long sleeves with collar) and undergarments

  • Life Insurance Policies

  • Military Discharge papers (DD214)

We will assist you with the following:
  • Obtaining Certified Death Certificates

  • Contacting Clergy and/or Church

  • Preparing and sending obituary to the newspapers

  • Securing Flag for Veterans

  • Arranging for Military Honors

  • Processing Life Insurance Claims

  • Notifying the Social Security Administration of death

Items not included with a funeral service
  • Newspaper Obituary Fees

  • Musicians

  • Cemetery work - Once arrangements have been completed, the family must contact the cemetery office in order to obtain a permit. There is normally a fee for this permit.

  • Flowers

  • Clothing

  • Clergy Honorarium