Motorcycle Hearse

Since our beginning in 1921, the Pellerin Family has been devoted to finding creative, innovative ways to help families commemorate the life of a loved one.

Our beautifully detailed 19th century-style Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Hearse is a unique remembrance for the motorcycle enthusiast, veteran, or an original way to personalize any loved one's final journey.

The first thought when seeing a motorcycle hearse is that it is an alternative that caters to the families and loved ones of over 11 million motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide. Instead, it has been found that a large percentage of families using a motorcycle hearse have never even touched a motorcycle. Expanding on this discovery, the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse has become the prime choice for many Military and Police funerals due to the superior dignity and honor these hearses provide.

This Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse is known as the Series IV, the uniform black and chrome style flows smoothly bringing out the quality accents throughout the entire vehicle. The Series IV is not only a hearse - it is clearly a show piece surely worthy of great men and women who have traveled to their final destination within.